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How to Play Roobet and Win

Best Tips about playing Roobet

Play Roobet from Any Blocked Region

You have most likely caught wind of one of the quickest developing crypto club Roobet. How about we discover how to utilize this awesome assistance. We will consider how to play on Roobet, how to enroll on Roobet even from blocked locale, how to deposit and withdraw the cash from Roobet. Thus, how about we start. 

Step by step instructions to Register on Roobet

At the point when you first visit Roobet website you have to enlist first before you can begin playing. You need to know that some of Roobet region is blocked.

It would be ideal if you note! Roobet gambling club isn't accessible in certain nations like USA or UK and you will see a message: 

Sorry, Roobet isn’t available in your region!

To sidestep this limitation you can utilize a VPN for Roobet, simply select VPN worker from the accessible districts like Canada or Hong Kong. 

With VPN you will have the option to visit the site and play Roobet with no issues. This is truly straightforward and safe. 

Thus, we should proceed.

How to Register on Roobet from anywhere
  1. 1. Get your secure Roobet VPN  – select any Roobet allowed region – non US for sure. Below you can find best Roobet VPN locations for US.
  2. 2. Sign up to Roobet with coupon code btc2win and get your bonuses!
  3. 3. Play Roobet crash from US, UK, or any other country!


  1. You opened Roobet website and you will see yellow Register button in top right corner. Just click it and complete the form.

2. Here you should enter your 

  • Username (select it yourself, we don't suggest utilizing your genuine name) 
  • Date of birth (you don't need to enter your genuine Date of Birth simply note that Roobet is permitted uniquely for individuals more than 18 years of age. So be precise pointing this date) 
  • Select Password – enter it twice to be certain you entered it accurately.

And that all – click Register button.

How to Deposit on Roobet crypto casino

Roobet is crypto casino, so you can deposit and withdraw only in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

After your registration, you will see the green button Deposit on the top of the page.

Click Deposit button and you will see the next page:

Here you can see two choice for store in Roobet: Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

On the off chance that you have cryptographic forms of money simply move some add up to the Roobet bitcoin address. 

On the off chance that you don't have any bitcoins you can get a few. 

Roobet suggests a few sites for trade. Certainly, you can choose anybody. 

After you store you can see your sum in the head of the page. 

Presently you can play and win on Roobet! 

Step by step instructions to Withdraw from bitcoin gambling club Roobet 

At the point when you choose to pull back the cash from Roobet you have to affirm your email address. 

Snap on your username in the upper right corner and you will see dropdown menu:

  • Cashier
  • Account
  • Affiliate
  • History
  • Live support
  • Logout.

Select Account and enter your email address.

Check your email and confirm Roobet account via the instructions in the email.

After this step you can withdraw the money from Roobet.

Please note! You can withdraw only in the currency which you deposited.

Such as, if you deposited Bitcoin you can withdraw Bitcoin. If you deposited Ethereum you can withdraw Ethereum.

How to Play Roobet from blocked region

  1. 1. Get your secure VPN  – select any available region
  2. 2. Sign up to Roobet with code btc2win and get a special bonus
  3. 3. Play Roobet casino from anywhere!

How to Play Roobet in US


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